Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC shown off for the first time, arriving in less than 24 hours


Alan Wake 2 is one of 2023’s most acclaimed games. As fans of Remedy know, however, the studio is never done with a game after its release. Last year, we learned that the psychological horror action game would be getting some extra content.

Today, we got to see it in action and learn a lot more about it, thanks to an appearance on the Summer Game Fest kickoff event stage. Sam Lake took to the stage to reveal our first look at the DLC, alongside some surprising news: it’ll be available in less than 24 hours, tomorrow, on 8 June.

“It gave us a chance to get really out there… not that we weren’t already doing that,” said Sam Lake, lead developer at Remedy Entertainment. The DLC will contain three fan-favourite playable characters in some quirky, ‘what if?’ scenarios set in the town of Night Springs. You can also look forward to appearances from Shawn Ashmore and Jesse Foden. Neat. I’m sure we’ll see more of Sam Lake, too.

Night Springs is a name that should be familiar to Alan Wake fans, as it’s the name of the fictional, in-universe TV show. Night Springs appeared in multiple Remedy games, and its tone and atmosphere are largely based on Twin Peaks.

It was clear from this teaser that Remedy’s Summer Game Fest appearance will be all about the expansion. Remedy actually provided a brief description of Night Springs around the launch of the game last year. The DLC takes the form of episodes of the show, and lets you play as several characters from the world of Alan Wake.

Night Springs was initially set to launch earlier in the year, and is one of two expansions Remedy announced for Alan Wake 2. And, well, you might want to prepare to spend the rest of your weekend with Night Springs considering it’s here much sooner than anticipated.

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